This website is for the Cribs analogue fanzine Kind Words from the Broken hearted. Run and distributed by Christopher from Scotland.

The fanzine was born out if the idea to unite Cribs fans globally in a different way than just the internet. To have something in your hands. It started as an idea on the Cribs forum but has grown quickly to a much wider audience. The fanzine is written by fans for fans. Whether you are a frequent visitor of the forum, are just lurking around on twitter, tumblr, facebook, visit their concerts with a passion or listen to the records at home on repeat, if you like the Cribs then this fanzine is for you.

The idea first saw the light of day in May 2011 to much enthusiastic responds. The first issue was released in July 2011 and ever since there was no looking back. New writers submitted their work and some writers turned out to be regulars. A special issue (#5) was released to celebrate the release of the Cribs 5th album In The Belly of the Brazen Bull. There are serious talks about a make-over of the fanzine. Contributions are still flowing in. Not bad for a year’s work!

The fanzine is run independently. However, the band are readers of the fanzine as well as contributors. Issues have included interviews with the band, pictures of the band in hospital beds reading the fanzine and old promo posters provided by the band members. Records stores across the United Kingdom have agreed to stock the fanzine at the counter. The music media is also aware of the fanzine and mentions it fondly when writing about the band.

Again, no profits are made from the fanzine. Lots of love and effort are being put in each and every issue of the fanzine, you’ll get this for free, you only cover the costs of producing and shipping. Some issues feature mixtape CDs or bootleg DVDs. These are limited editions and extra’s are free of charge.

This website is maintained by Martine for Kind Words from the Broken Hearted

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